(Registration Closed) Colleges of Technology, KOSEN (2nd session) | Study in Japan


Mina-san, konnichiwa!

For those who missed the first session, JASSO Malaysia Office will be bringing you another session on Colleges of Technology, KOSEN!

👉Date: 15 January 2021 (Friday)
👉Time: 4pm – 5pm
👉Language: English
👉Target audience: For high school students who wish to obtain an Associate Degree in Engineering (e.g. SPM, STPM, UEC, IGCSE and equivalent qualifications)
👉Registration link: https://forms.gle/KtnVVZWn9SSEQpiz6 (Registration Closed) 

The National Institute of Technology, Japan, provides a unique and successful higher-education system at their 51 Colleges of Technology (KOSEN, 55 Campuses, including 5 Colleges of Maritime Technology).

There are various perks of studying at a KOSEN:

📍Hands-on practical experience using the latest equipment
📍Internships with industry professionals before graduating
📍High demand for KOSEN graduates in the Japanese job market
📍Large campus and student dormitories lead to more interaction time with Japanese students
📍Relatively cheap compared to a full 4-year undergraduate program at university
📍Those who want to further their studies can opt to join the “Advanced Course” or “transfer to the 3rd year in university” to receive a Bachelor’s Degree

Courses available include:
👉Mechanical & Material Engineering
👉Electrical & Electronic Engineering
👉Information Technology
👉Biological & Chemical Engineering
👉Civil Engineering
👉Architectural Engineering
👉Maritime Technology

There will be a Q&A slot at the end of the session so feel free to ask any questions you have about KOSEN!

KOSEN Guidebook: https://www.kosen-k.go.jp/…/res…/letter/kouhou/web-KOSEN.pdf