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【Name of Institution】JASSO Japanese Language Centers (Tokyo/Osaka)
【Type】Japanese Language Institute 日本語学校
【Location】Tokyo/Osaka 東京都・大阪府

The Japanese Language Education Centers are located in Tokyo and Osaka. Both provide detailed education, meeting the diverse needs of students who wish to go on to universities or graduate schools in Japan.

  We are run by a public agency (JASSO) and supported by the Japanese Government.

  Highly concentrated studies of Japanese language and core subjects (e.g. Math, Physics, Chemistry, Geography)-six hours per day for every weekday- are provided leading to the successful entrance to universities and graduate schools in Japan.

  Both Centers are assigned by the Japanese Government to set up ‘University preparatory courses’ for the students who intend to go on to higher education. Students whose years of secondary education come less than 12 years due to the difference of education systems will be qualified to apply for universities in Japan upon graduation from the Center.

  Students are grouped in small classes up to 20 persons and carefully supervised and warmly advised by homeroom teachers.

  Students from over 30 countries and regions enroll in the Center every year. The Center has accepted many privately funded students as well as government-sponsored international students and students dispatched by overseas governments and is actively seeking to accept students from countries where they do not use Chinese characters. The Center promotes friendly rivalry between students and understanding of foreign cultures.

  We also give high priority on Japanese culture experiences and international exchanges. Students are invited for international exchanges and home visit programs and so on by local communities and organizations.


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【Introduction Video】

  1. Welcome to JASSO Japanese Language Education Centers (ENG)
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【Contact Information】
TAMAKI Ryohei (Tokyo Japanese Language Education Center) koumu@jasso.go.jp