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【Name of Institution】Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute 新宿日本語学校
【Type】Japanese Language Institute 日本語学校
【Location】Tokyo 東京都

  With almost over 48 years of experience in Japanese education, Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute (or SNG) teaches students Japanese through the use of visual aids. Our original teaching method, the Ezoe Method, is the biggest differentiation between Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute and other schools. This innovative teaching strategy takes many years to develop but has proven effective in enabling students to acquire the language skills necessary to express themselves.

  Our programs range from total beginner to advanced levels, with various specialized courses and class times to suit your needs. Besides our full-time classes, SNG offers online classes as well, for people who work or study on weekdays in Japan. SNG has also launched a new digital learning program: Visual Learning Japanese (VLJ). VLJ is a learning contents site, with grammar and vocabulary apps you can use preview or review lessons and study anytime, anywhere!


  • Certified college preparatory course by Ministry of Education
  • Original teaching method
  • Digital learning contents
  • Examination preparation courses (EJU and JLPT)
  • Designated school recommendation system for university entrance
  • Specialized courses (business, tourism and Japanese language teacher training)


【Introduction Video】
Introduction to Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute (English captions available)

【Contact Information】
Panto panto.chiu@sng.ac.jp