Notice from Embassy of Japan Regarding Study in Japan Scams | Study in Japan

The Embassy of Japan in Malaysia has posted the following notice regarding Study in Japan scams:


Be wary of “Study in Japan” agents who may be giving you false or misleading information such as:
Example 1: “You can earn JPY 200,000 per month by doing a part-time job while studying in Japan.” ⇒False!

<Fact> Even in Tokyo where the hourly wage is high, you can only earn about JPY 60,000 per month while studying, maybe earning up to JPY 100,000 if you work up to 28 hours per week. It is highly difficult to cover your living expenses including monthly rent by solely depending on part-time work.
(The average monthly expenses of an international student are JPY 100,000 in Tokyo and JPY 70,000 – 80,000 in rural areas.)
Example 2: “You can earn JPY 3,000 per hour by doing a part-time job.” ⇒False!!

<FactEven in Tokyo where the hourly wage is high, the average hourly wage is about JPY 1000 (about MYR 39).

  • The visa fee is free if you complete the procedure yourself at the embassy. Be careful of companies charging high registration fees or handling charges.


  • As a general rule, foreigners residing in Japan with a “Student” status are not allowed to work. As an exception, they must obtain the “Permission to engage in activity other than that permitted under the status of residence previously granted” from Immigration Service Agency when working part-time.


  • Even so, they can only work for a maximum of <28 hours per week> as defined by their status of residence. *

*Up to 8 hours per day only during long holidays.

  • There is no guarantee that they can work for a part-time job, and in reality, it is very difficult to find part-time work without having sufficient Japanese proficiency.

Please remember that you will be going to Japan to study, not to work.
We would like everyone to refer to the “Student Guide to Japan” for accurate information before studying in Japan.
◇「Student Guide to Japan」(English)
◇「Student Guide to Japan」(简体中文版)
※To SPM & IGCSE graduates,
→ To qualify for university admission in Japan, it is necessary to complete a preparatory course at one of the following Japanese language schools: