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Professional Training Colleges

Eligibility for admission
(any of the following requirements must be met)

  1. Students who have completed 12 years of school education in countries other than Japan
  2. Students who are 18 years of age or older and have successfully passed an academic qualification examination that is equivalent to the completion of 12 years of school education in countries other than Japan
  3. Students who have completed studies at international schools in Japan that are officially recognized as equivalent to high schools in countries other than Japan
  4. Students who have completed 11 years or more of education courses that are designated by the Japanese Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in countries other than Japan
  5. Students who hold an International Baccalaureate qualification, German Abitur qualification, French Baccalaureate qualification or who meet the GCE A level course requirements specified by each university
  6. Students who have completed 12 years of curriculum at education institutes that are accredited by any of the following international accreditation organizations: WASC, CIS or  ACSI
  7. Students who are 18 years of age or older and have successfully passed the Upper Secondary School Equivalency Examination in Japan
  8. A student who satisfies any one of the admission qualifications specified in the School Education Act, other than those outlined above
  9. Students who are 18 years of age or older and are recognized by the educational institutions to which they apply for admission, through their individual admission qualification examinations, as having an academic ability that is equivalent to a high-school diploma or above

Note: With regard to 1) through 3) above, if a student has completed less than 12 years of education and not completed certain programmes designated by the Japanese Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, he/she may be needed to complete an authorized university preparatory course or an authorized course at a training facility, among other things.

Entrance examination

Entrance examinations to professional training colleges consists of a combination of

  • aptitude test
  • short essay
  • document screening
  • interview
  • practical test
  • subject test
  • Japanese language proficiency

The method of selecting applicants differs from school to school, but in whatever field they select, students should focus on whether they have specific objectives, sufficient knowledge and ability of Japanese to follow the lessons and determination to study

Conditions for completing courses

Graduation is determined by results in end-of-semester and end-of-year examinations in addition to attendance

Besides, students must also complete the course that satisfy the following three requirements for obtaining the “diploma” and “advanced diploma” qualification

  • two years ~ four years or more
  • 1,700 hours ~ 3,400 hours or more
  • exam results and other factors are evaluated

Areas of studies in professional training colleges

Professional training colleges (vocational schools) in Japan in general are divided into 8 areas of studies, they are:

  1. Technology
    electric / electronic related, information related, machine related, civil engineering / construction related , measurement, automobile maintenance and others
  2. Agriculture
    agriculture related , gardening related , biotecnology related
  3. Medical care
    nursing related, dental technician / hygiene related , clinical testing related , acupuncture / oriental message / shiatsu message therapy related, judo orthopedics , posture correcting / bone-setting and others
  4. Hygiene
    (barber / hair-dresser / beautician related , cooking related / dietition related , confectionery related and others )
  5. Education and social welfare
    kindergarten superintendent / nursery superintendent related, social welfare realted and others
  6. Business
    accounting / book-keeping related , business related , secretary related , information processing related , travel / tourist related and others
  7. Fashion and home economics
    dress-making related , fashion business related , knitting / crochet related and others
  8. Culture and general education
    language related , art related , designing related , broadcasting / stage related , music related , sports related and others


  • Specialized training colleges offering postsecondary courses are called professional training colleges and is one of the institutions classified under higher educational institutions.
  • A professional training college is an educational institution that aims to provide its students with the know-how, technology and practical skills necessary for working in their chosen profession, as well as with a general cultural education.
  • The length of course ranges from two years up to four years, with most courses offering two years. Courses are offered in a wide variety of fields, such as medical care, hygiene, technology, culture and general education, agriculture, business, education and social welfare, fashion and home economics.