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【Name of Institution】Kyoto University 京都大学

【Type】National University 国立大学

【Location】Kyoto 京都府



Founded in 1897, Kyoto University has been known as the leading research university in Japan. The university’s policy of “academic freedom” values students’ independence and interactive learning to pursue their interests and to stay open-minded to all kinds of ideas in their studies. Under this policy, many outstanding researchers and students in diverse disciplines from all over the world work together at the university creating a rich, stimulating academic environment. Students enjoy pursuing their studies in Kyoto, where tradition and innovation, city, and nature co-exist with each other.

  1. Official Homepage: https://www.kyoto-u.ac.jp/en


Below we have listed the available study options. In addition to the Japanese-taught programs, we also offer special programs for international students.


Bachelor programs for international students:

[Kyoto University International Undergraduate Program, Kyoto iUP]
A 4.5-year program with no Japanese skills required for admission – students learn Japanese intensively during the program and by the 3rd year, they attend the same classes as the local students to study their majors and work on their thesis in Japanese.


[Undergraduate International Course Program of Civil Engineering, ICP]
A 4-year program taught in English, leading to the bachelor of engineering.


Graduate programs:

There are 18 graduate schools. A wide range of programs are available in English (including those that are not registered as “English-taught degree programs”).

  1. English-taught degree programs – https://u.kyoto-u.jp/english-taught-degree-programs


【Introduction Video】

  1. Kyoto University: Our Research Life
  2. Introduction to Kyoto University and Kyoto iUP (Scholarship Program) – YouTube
  3. Meet KU Researchers

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