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【Name of Institution】Sophia University 上智大学
【Type】Private University 私立大学
【Location】Tokyo 東京都

Sophia University (Japanese name: Jochi Daigaku 上智大学) is one of Japan’s leading universities in central Tokyo. The school has more than 1,800 international students from more than 90 countries and territories.

The English language program at Sophia offers a wide range of multi-disciplinary options, international quality and a history of teaching in English for more than 50 years. These programs help students study and research 100% in English at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

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At the undergraduate level, students have options to major in English at the Faculty of Liberal Arts (majors in International Business and Economics; Social Studies; Comparative Cultural Studies), and the Faculty of Science and Technology (majors in Materials and Life Sciences; Engineering and Applied Sciences), Sophia Program for Sustainable Futures (includes 6 majors: Economics, Management, Sociology, Education, Journalism, International Relations & Area Studies).

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The graduate level opens up many opportunities for in-depth research with English taught programs including Global Studies (major in Global Studies, International Business and Development Studies, Japanese Studies), Green Science and Engineering, Global Environmental Studies, TESOL, Education.

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In addition, Sophia also has many international student exchange programs with more than 340 universities in more than 60 countries and territories. This not only creates conditions for students to participate in short-term exchange programs in another country, but also gives the school a multicultural and linguistic environment right in the middle of Tokyo.

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The school offers the New Student Scholarship opportunities including full or half or one third amount of the tuition fee waivers and students can apply for before enrolling. In addition, after admission, students can apply for scholarship of many large organizations and corporations in Japan through the support of the student affairs department.

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